Charlie Grant

Funds Management & Financial Services Advisor

Mr Grant is a seasoned finance professional with over 19 years’ experience in the industry. He started his career at Morgan Stanley in London, where he worked for 7 years in Institutional Equities and Fixed Income.

Mr Grant is a fund specialist, having structured, launched and managed a number of offshore and onshore funds in the UK and Europe across a range of strategies. Mr Grant currently acts as CEO of M12 Global Limited, a London-based investment management company which is modelled on the Investment Manager.

More recently, Mr Grant held a senior management role with First State Investments, the international arm of Colonial First State, a subsidiary of Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Mr Grant has a good balance of experience on both the buy and sell side. He has an excellent knowledge of the asset management industry and is used to dealing with governments, regulators and clients globally. He has extensive product knowledge and experience of a wide range of investment strategies across all asset classes.

Advisory Board Members

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