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BIRTHDAY PROMOTION - Earn a 6.45% p.a target return for a 12 month term*

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1.  Do I qualify to invest?

The minimum investment size is $100,000.  Amounts over $20 million are subject to management approval.

We accept investment from Wholesale investors in Australia and accredited investors in Singapore. If you fall into either of the following categories there is a good chance you are eligible to invest with IPO Wealth:

  • Investing $500,000 or more;
  • Net assets of $2.5m or above; or
  • Income of $250,000 per annum or above

Our team can assist with assessing your eligibility - call us on 1800 918 344 and we will gladly assist.

2.  Why should I invest?

It's simple - to get ahead financially. We are an innovative company with a strong focus on customer success. We operate a cost-efficient business, productive and friendly Australia-based team, and we love to reward our customers who invest with us by helping them get ahead financially.

3.  Who owns IPO Wealth?

IPO Wealth is 100% owned by Mayfair 101, a boutique international investment company established since 2009. See www.mayfair101.com for more information.

4.  Why was IPO Wealth established?

Our parent company, Mayfair 101, concluded that the banking sector is predominantly tailored towards retail investors, leaving High Net Worth investors (wholesale) with a disproportionately low level of returns and/or customer service relative to their investment amounts. Recognising this imbalance, Mayfair 101 established a wholly owned subsidiary (IPO Wealth) to be the Investment Manager of the IPO Wealth Fund (Fund).

5.  What does IPO Wealth invest in?

IPO Wealth lends monies to companies related to the Investment Manager, for the purpose of funding private equity transactions that it manages in a hands-on manner. These investments currently span 11 countries and many are focused on socially responsible outcomes including:

  • Empowering micro and small businesses in developing nations to become more competitive globally by providing access to technology and funding.
  • Creating employment and education opportunities through alliances with leading Government organisations.
  • Increasing safety of the general public through the intelligent deployment of technology.
  • Having a positive environmental impact through improved energy efficiency, resulting in reduced emissions.
  • Increasing transparency in the financial system and reduce cash-based transactions.
  • Providing customers with the ability to quickly and easily donate to charity every time they transact with merchants.
  • Enabling policies and decisions being made by people of influence to be better-aligned with their membership groups.

6.  Can I get my distributions paid monthly?

Yes, this is one of the most liked features of our investment products.

7.  How has the IPO Wealth Fund performed historically?

We are proud of our impeccable payment record for both distributions and withdrawals. Below are some other useful statistics as at December 2018:

  • All unit holder distributions have been paid in full and on time
  • All withdrawal requests have been facilitated in full and on time
  • The Fund has been profitable every month since inception
  • There have been zero defaults on the loans provided by the Fund
  • The Fund’s unit price has remained unchanged at $1 since inception
  • The Fund’s renewal rate (investors renewing their investment term) is 91%
  • The Fund’s churn rate (investors exiting the fund) is <9%
  • The Fund’s Cash Reserve and Capital Protection Reserve have not needed to be drawn down upon at any stage
  • 54% of investment came from Individuals, 26% from Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF’s), 13% from Companies and 6% from Trusts

Whilst past performance doesn't necessarily reflect future performance, investors can be assured that meeting our target returns, as we have done since inception, is our top priority.

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