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Current Offers

Investment PeriodTarget Return ^
(per annum)
3 Months4.90%
6 Months5.40%
12 Months5.70%
24 Months6.00%
36 Months6.20%
60 Months6.70%
^ The advertised target return is the maximum potential return that an investor can expect to receive for the relevant investment term. Actual returns, if any, could be lower. Any investment in the IPO Wealth Fund is not a bank deposit and is subject to greater risk than cash investment products, including loss of income and all or part of the capital invested. Whether investors receive income and a return of capital depends upon the ability of the borrower to meet interest and principal repayment obligations. Other risks are detailed in the disclaimer below and in the Fund’s Information Memorandum. For Wholesale investors only. Not available to Retail investors. Unsure if you qualify? Unsure if you qualify? Contact Us for a fast response.

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*The IPO Wealth Fund (Fund) is a managed investment scheme, available to wholesale investors only, and not available to retail investors. Vasco Trustees Limited (ACN 138 715 009, AFSL 344486) (Vasco) is the trustee of the Fund, and IPO Wealth Pty Ltd (ACN 617 039 255) (IPO Wealth) is the investment manager of the Fund.

IPO Wealth is a Corporate Authorised Representative (No.1253092) of D H Flinders Pty Ltd (ACN 149 601 596, AFSL 353001) for the purposes of providing general advice relating to the IPO Wealth Fund only, and in no other capacity.

IPO Wealth is a wholly owned subsidiary of Online Investments Pty Ltd trading as Mayfair 101. The sole investment activity of the Fund is to lend money to IPO Wealth Holdings Pty Ltd, trading as Mayfair 101 Holdings, a related party of IPO Wealth. Mayfair 101 Holdings may use the borrowed funds to make investments which carry a significant level of associated risk and may not be liquid, including private equity transactions. If Mayfair 101 Holdings does not make interest and principal repayments to the Fund on time, this could adversely impact the Fund’s investors. A failure or delay by Mayfair 101 Holdings in meeting its loan repayment obligations could cause significant delays in the Fund satisfying withdrawal notices and therefore you may not be able to access your money in the Fund in a timely fashion.

An investment in the Fund is not a bank deposit and is subject to a greater risk than cash investment products, including loss of income and part or all of the capital invested. It may therefore not be appropriate for investors who require liquidity or certainty of income and/or capital return. None of Vasco, IPO Wealth, nor D H Flinders Pty Ltd guarantees any income or capital return from the Fund or that withdrawals will be paid on time. Returns (if any) paid to investors from the Fund will not exceed the target return for the relevant investment period.

You should consider this information, together with the Fund’s Information Memorandum, and seek your own independent financial advice before investing in the Fund. IPO Wealth provides only general advice which does not consider an individual investor’s objectives, financial situation or needs.